Agi Hall


Please review the COVID rental terms prior to contacting our rental agent.  

COVID Rental Terms 

The Agi Hall is available for rental at a cost of $14/hour or $17/hour with use of the kitchen.

Please visit the Calendar Link below to check the halls availability and then contact us if you are interested in finding out more.


Contact us if you are interested in booking the Agi Hall

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Rental Terms

  1. All hours the Agricultural Association PREMISES is in use are subject to rental fees.
  2. Renters are liable for any damages to the PREMISES, equipment furnishings and or property and are therefore expected to pay for repairs or replacement of furnishings/equipment.
  3. No access to the mezzanine floor of the hall is allowed
  4. No table, chair or other Association property shall be removed from the PREMISES.
  5. The consumption of alcoholic beverages within the Hall or the PREMISES is prohibited, unless required liquor permits are authorized, purchased and displayed in the hall during the contracted rental hours. The reservation agent must be notified of the same. Storage of alcohol on the premises is also prohibited.
  6. Renters are responsible for the cleanliness of the Hall and the grounds at the conclusion of an event. All floors must be swept and wet mopped if muddy.
  7. Garbage disposal is the sole responsibility of the renter. No refuse of any kind may be left in the Hall or the PREMISES. Failure to comply will result in additional fees for removal.
  8. Renters are responsible for ensuring that the stove, urns, kettle and indoor lights are off, toilets are flushed, and the Hall doors are locked prior to vacating the hall at the conclusion of an event.
  9. Rental privileges may be terminated for violation of any of the above rental terms.