2020 AGM Postponed & Agi Hall Closed for events and meetings

We want to let you know that your co-op directors have decided to postpone the Annual General Meeting until the COVID-19 crisis has passed. While we are required to have an AGM by the end of April, the health issues of the COVID-19 pandemic take precendence, of course. As soon as we can safely re-schedule the AGM we will send another official notice of meeting, at least two weeks in advance.


Also, for health and safety reasons, the board has decided to close the hall for all events and meetings, effective immediately. Currently booked events will need to be cancelled and we will be contacting groups and individuals who have made bookings directly to let them know. 


We will advise you, our member/owners,  by email or letter, on our website, and our facebook page when these restrictions are lifted. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause and we are happy to do our part in ensuring our members and our community are kept safe during this pandemic.


Thank you for your understanding.


saturdays | may-october


saturday | dec 14th, 2019 | 10am – 3pm

Gabriola Agricultural Association Co-op

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Opening of Growers and Makers Market | Saturday, May 16, 2020

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Gabriola Food Charter 2010

Wholesome food needs to be a basic human right.

To help ensure that wholesome food remains available to people on Gabriola, Gabriolans have prepared this Food Charter.


The principles can be used as a guide

  • for us as consumers

  • for those who produce our food or help to bring it to our tables

  • for those with authority to make regulations that affect our food

Principles of our Food Charter


We will act to protect, maintain and nourish the integrity of Gabriola’s natural environment. We support responsible growing practices that protect the earth, water and air.

We believe in fostering local, safe and nutritionally superior food systems to reduce negative impacts on our environment, decrease consumption of fossil fuels and lessen packaging waste.


We understand the importance of educating ourselves and our children about the food we eat.

We promote learning about nutrition, growing practices, preparation, storage, seed saving, industry additives, genetic engineering, and the use of local wild foods.


We envision using and preserving the resources in our community: the land, the sea around us, our fresh water, and distribution systems to ensure that Gabriolans have access to safe, locally produced , affordable, fresh and nutritious food.


We value the importance of food and celebration in our island culture, and the integral role that it plays.

We recognize that food brings people together in celebration of community, reflecting our traditional right to share food prepared in our kitchens and using food grown in our own gardens.


Gabriola has an active community of farmers providing us with good local, sustainable food.

Hall Rentals

Agi Hall is available for rental

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The Magic of Soil

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