Monday, September 21, 2020

7:00 pm via Zoom

The MOA and Rules were adopted at our 2020 AGM. Please see attached documents.

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Financial report

2019 Gabriola Agricultural Cooperative Financial Statement



New Board Members

Yarrow Koontz

Yarrow grew up in co-op culture. She moved into a housing co-op in East Vancouver where her mom continues to live and has worked in food cooperatives for 20 years. At Agora Food Co-op Yarrow worked as a cashier and store clerk and then moved to East End Food Co-op where she was trained to be a Merchandiser/Buyer and continued to work at EEFC for 15 years. Here she also volunteered as the Staff Liaison to the Board of Directors for 3 years; stepped in a interim management on several occasions and compiled the Operations Manual for East End Food Co-op.
Yarrow is interested in joining the Agi Co-op Board because she supports and cultivates food security, ethical food sources, local organic food production and bioregional awareness.

Paul MacEwen

Paul has owned and operated slow rise bakery here on Gabriola since 2005. before moving out west he was a 4th generation native of Toronto. His family history can be traced back to Eastern Ontario and Saskatchewan where they farmed wheat and ran a county store, something he found out after he started baking.  He has been involved in food related pursuits his whole adult life, first as a cook and then as a baker. He has just passed the milestone of 15 years in business supported by the Gabriola community every step of the way.

His time at farmers markets and standing at the shaping bench has taught him a lot about the importance of food security. He has witnessed first hand how fragile food is and how important a secure source of good quality gran is. His goal, through the help of the Gabriolan community, is to establish more secure access to nutritional local food for everyone. He would like to see this happen away from corporate influence and control. Paul thinks it is essential and possible.  He believes it is time to create the infrastructure that is needed to encourage and support the production of a vibrant, rewarding local food system.

Talyn Martin

Talyn’s love affair with growing food began with turning city lawns into productive vegetable gardens and starting a small business called Vancouver Veggies. From there she bicycled up and down the west coast for two years WWOOFing on organic farms in search of her own farm to call home. This led to purchasing and running 8 1/2 acres – an organic veggie farm in the Cowichan Valley. With her partner Mike they attended markets in Esquimalt Nanaimo and Duncan before finally burning out in 2018. They sold the farm and moved to Gabriola to see what life would offer next.

In 2015 Talyn was on the founding board of – the region’s first co-operative on-line farmers’ market. With help from the Cowichan Green Community the board built the market from the ground up and have seen it take off during the pandemic as people are increasingly seeing the need for food security. She joined the working group of the Gabriola Agricultural co-op in April of this year hoping to use her knowledge of markets to facilitate the transition to increased food security on Gabriola. She no longer farms but understands how important the farmer’s role is to a sustainable community and is passionate about helping out however she can. She loves walking in the woods, swimming in the ocean and snuggling with Mike and their cat Jake.

Bram Dams

Bram had been working in education with Parks Canada for the last ten years but recently needed a change. In 2019 he and his partner decided to move to a beautiful 5 acre cleared parcel on Bluewater road to be closer to family on Gabriola and in Nanaimo while starting a new business. Bram’s family have been small scale farmers and avid gardeners for 5 generations in and around Nanaimo, which is part of the reason he is so pleased to be a part of the agricultural co-op.

Bram is also part of the team at Ground-Up Pop-up Café, making good food and coffee from great local produce and products at the agriculture co-op markets. At Ground-Up they all believe that sourcing and serving delicious food from Gabriola Island benefits the community and ourselves, they are so happy the co-op allows them to do this and contribute to food culture on Gabriola. Bram is running for a board position to help grow the co-op that has helped his business grow; he wants to give something back while helping to build and maintain an important part of Gabriola Island. Bram hopes he can be a new voice with a different perspective as a new islander and unique vendor while supporting the goals and purpose of the co-op. Being on the island with a growing family and business, he is looking forward to getting more involved in the local community and food security through the agricultural co-op.

Graham Bradley

Graham is a 1st generation farmer who grows vegetables on 3 acres of wonderful peat named Good Earth Farm. Alongside that he runs the Gabriola Food Hub, a small business which helps connect island producers with island businesses and folks. He grew up in a suburb of Nanaimo and after travelling around the globe and working -often on farms- he headed to Montreal to get a degree in Human Geography and Photography. He is an avid volunteer and currently gives time to serve as the President of the Gabriola Chamber of Commerce and as a board member of Farm2School for the Nanaimo Region.  When his farm is resting for winter he occasionally gets contracts working on documentary films here and there around the earth, driving a salt truck, repairing bikes or adventuring. Otherwise he is reading, cooking, organizing and staying open to love. He has lived on Gabriola for about 6 years and plans to stay for a good long while, hopefully until death.